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Debt cleared…

No one owes you anything: not a goodbye nor an “I love you” in return. No one owes you an explanation no matter how much you deserved one. A lover is not required to inquire how your day went, what’s wrong or what would you like to eat. A lover is simply responsible for caring enough to ask. Everything, even on your end, is a choice, and life without hesitation or sweat will show us that this world is oversaturated with poor decision makers.

“Do unto others” is one-sided – a road paved to make others better.  Selfless people give because people deserve – not because they have to. Sadly, there is this modern day selfishness, shaped in the form of entitlement, which is the easiest way to take people for granted.

Rejection and break-ups are often divine interventions – we are stopped in our tracks because the destination shifted. Everyone who showed their face before the moment you find yourself looking forever in their eyes, sampled you – some receiving portions larger than others. Do you really need closure from a person when God closed the door with better in mind? Forget why and move towards your when. Understand, the person meant for you will owe you nothing, yet give you everything they can. You will no longer question why because it will all make sense. Love is knowing that you cannot be the best possible you without bringing the best out of your partner. This feeling/action does not leave you in debt – when it is done right, the only thing it will leave you with is in love with the possibility of new beginnings.

J. Wesley

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  1. July 12, 2017 @ 3:59 pm Christina

    I’m an analytical, what does that mean person, which keeps me stuck trying to figure it out “why”, but this was a great eye opener. It was definitely worth pausing my workflow. Thanks for the enlightenment.


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