Road to nowhere…

I was given scent,¬†scar¬†and savior for my 3 word challenge. With the challenge, I am given a random 3 words and I create a piece out of it. Thank you @adarraaa (instagram) for this one. Written to Ed Sheeran’s cover of “Skinny Love.”

Love is in the air. Its scent is fading and something about it is polluted and chokes me with every breath. I have a heart that beats-barely. I have no partner now but I can feel the emotional scars ex’s left behind to remind me I was once there-with them. Never forget. Am I the stepping stone? The ceiling? Or the bar very few care to reach because they lack both energy and interest. When you do your part: be good, go to school, leave people better than you found them, the reward should be reciprocated. At least that is what I was lead to believe. Rather, the misguided are lead down futureless roads leading to nowhere. We begin to question ourselves more than the reasons why we left. We question whether or not we mean something. Will…we…ever…mean…something! Are we an object, a place in time or a simple passer-by? I look up to a God telling me to be patient. I look down to the sinister coaxing me to indulge. I look towards a savior that says his struggle wasn’t easy either and that’s how I know I’m on the right path. This must be where faith kicks in. I have no idea where my steps are leading me but I’m trusting even though it feels as if I’m going nowhere.


J. Wesley

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