The Two…

Similar to the devoted clock  chosen to guard a desolate living room wall—pendulum swaying while it matures from 11:59 to midnight—I picture when you meet the one, it is seamless—everything clicks. All our edges, pointy and dull, scarred and so well lit that we create numerous ways to doubt them, will glide into the arms of the piece with just enough room to squeeze you in. As comfort starts to settle, so does the decision made by two choosing this match is too good to let go. The union will face obstacles, none scarier than the thought of separation. Each challenge will strike—sometimes puncture—to eventually fall at their feet, as they tackle, scratch and claw their way out,  the same way they entered…Together.



J. Wesley

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  1. December 2, 2015 @ 11:45 pm Ashley Jones

    So beautifully poetic!! :)


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